Charity for 2018 is Make A Wish Foundation

We are happy to announce that this year National Family Portrait Month which is in July 2018 is raising funds for the Make A Wish Foundation.

What The Make A Wish Foundation Do.

The foundation makes the cherished wishes of children and teenagers battling life-threatening medical conditions come true.

A wish is vital. They carefully design each one to build anticipation and resilience to help a child in the fight for their health.

Wishes give seriously ill kids hope for the future, strength to face the challenges of their illness and joy from their incredible wish experience.

“The granting of his wish was the turning point during his treatment. Suddenly he had something to look forward to.”

– Wish mum

Key facts

They have been granting wishes in Australia since 1985.

 Since they started, they have brought 8,500+ incredible wishes to life.

They currently grant around 500 wishes a year.

Each day, six families across Australia receive the news that their child has a serious illness.

That’s 2,000 really sick kids and teens who need the healing power of a wish. We need to grant four times the number of wishes if we are to reach every seriously ill child.

They don’t receive any government funding – without our supporters, wishes simply wouldn’t be able to come true.


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