Capture Your Family Forever.

This year I celebrate 50 years of being a Professional Photographer.
For the past two years I have been a photography business coach and consultant, and I talk to a variety of different people in the photography industry every day, especially professional wedding/portrait photographers.

Image Value is being Diminished.

Professional Photography has become massively devalued over the past decade or so.

These days when mobile phones and inexpensive compact cameras have auto exposure, auto focus, face recognition, image stabilisation and a whole bunch of apps to make them look cleaner or retro etc, makes it easy for almost anyone to create a good image.

Images are now generally viewed not as prints on paper, or in a frame, but on social networking sites like Facebook, and on computers, notebooks and mobile phones.

I want to bring back the traditional family portrait.


In conjunction with the NATIONAL BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION I am initiating an annual event called NATIONAL FAMILY PORTRAIT MONTH

What is The Main Purpose of National Family Portrait Month?
To raise $20,000 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.
To create awareness for early detection of Breast Cancer.
To lift the profile of the full time Professional Photographer.
To provide inspiration and motivation for families to have their photograph taken.
To lift the awareness of the importance of having family portraits on the wall.
To keep family history alive in printed form.

We all know that lives can change in a heartbeat.

So many families have been effected by breast cancer, including our National Ambassador AIPP Master Photographer Shireen Hammond.

I feel that the National Family Portrait Month will motivate lots of families around Australia to get in front of a professional photographer’s camera.

For a $65 participation fee to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, families will be able to have a photography session with one of Australia’s top portrait photographers.

Once the photographs are taken then of course the family will be invited to view the images with the opportunity of purchasing photographs.

National Family Portrait Month is in May 2015

Call me on 0418509228 or email

Regards Bernie Griffiths





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